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  • Hikers Prevent Bear Attacks with Bear Spray 260 grams

    Bear attack prevention

    Bears in the wild typically want nothing to do with humans. They’ll act aggressively if threatened, but as long as you give them plenty of space and make your presence known, most bears will either keep on eating or turn and run the other way.

    But with that said, it would be utterly foolish to venture into bear country unprepared. Let’s not forget that bear attacks do happen every year. However, if you take the right precautions and keep your wits about you and your chances of getting tangled up with a bear go way down.

    Carry Protection

    While firearms can be used for defense, it’s widely agreed that bear spray — a very potent form of pepper spray — is more effective in deterring bear attacks than any other method. Even if you are carrying a rifle or sidearm while hunting, Bear spray 260 Grams should still be your primary bear defense.

    What’s most important about using Bear spray in bear country is that you keep it on you and readily accessible at all times. And not just tucked in your backpack. Most bear spray cans can be clipped to a belt, but a better option is to have it on your chest in a harness like the one sold here by GoldShield Supply  Bear Spray Protection. This position gives you the quickest access to draw fast and take action when it counts. Keep you and your fellow hikers safe.

    When Possible, Travel in a Group

    The more prominent your presence is in the woods, the less likely a bear is to mess with you. But unless you’re yelling your head off all day, it’s difficult to uphold a threatening presence as a solo hiker.

    So if you know the trail you’re hiking goes through land that’s thick with bears, it’s probably best you bring along a buddy or two.

    Not only will a group of people create a more imposing presence, all those extra eyes and ears provide considerably more awareness to detect the initial signs of a bear encounter.

    Plus, if you do run into trouble, having partners with you who can help can quite literally save the day.

  • Pepper Spray Saves female Jogger from harm!!!

    KALAMAZOO, MI -- A woman used pepper spray to escape a man who pursued her while jogging Saturday.

    Police are seeking a white man described as being between 25-30 years old and 5-feet-8-inches tall with a medium build and brown curly hair. He was seen with a white woman of the same age, also of a medium build with straight brown hair.

    According to a release from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office, a woman was jogging near East MN Avenue and 31st Street in Comstock Township around 2 p.m., when she was passed by a 2007 black sedan. As she continued to run, the vehicle parked along the roadway.

    The woman told police that as she neared the vehicle, a man got out and ran after her. As the suspect came close to her, the woman used her pepper spray to stop him in his tracks.

    Police said the man retreated and entered the vehicle, which traveled south on 31st Street toward Kilgore Road. The vehicle was described by police as having a rear spoiler and white markings on the rear bumper.

    Deputies searched the area Saturday,  but did not find the vehicle. The sheriff's office is continuing to investigate the incident.

    The woman was uninjured thankfully due to her pepper spray.

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